The CILIP rebrand and me

I quit CILIP some time ago,  mainly due to personal financial reasons. I had gone through chartership and was loath to surrender the qualification, but found annual membership expensive and not delivering on its value as a service to me. I felt I was not benefiting from its offerings in advocacy, sharing of best practice, … Continue reading

New article in UKSG Insights

I’ve just had an article published in UKSG Insights, based in part on a presentation I gave at the RLUK conference last year.  Like that presentation (and in fact most of my presentations) its a loose collection of possibly great, possibly silly ideas strung together by a vague common thread: The United Kingdom boasts union … Continue reading

Academic libraries in ‘mainstream’ media …

Many librarians have felt pretty bitter towards the mainstream media of late. We’ve had a spate of poorly researched articles focusing on public library closures. These have not exactly done the situation justice and barely focused on librarians themselves. Its refreshing then to see two articles in a mainstream tech blog like Ars Technica, (more … Continue reading

What I’ve been up to

A quick overview of recent activity: Publications Investigating Faster Techniques for Digitization and Print-on-Demand I’ve had my first ever article published  in the New Review of Academic Librarianship  (Vol. 18, Iss. 1, 2012). Its a targeted write up of some of the findings from my 2010 Arcadia Fellowship. Despite some doubts about the true value of LIS research journals, I’m really pleased … Continue reading

National Level Resource Discovery services?

I’ve spent a large portion of the past couple of years working with a local discovery layer (Aquabrowser) and am currently investigating equivalent ‘webscale’ discovery index solutions such as Summon, Primo Central or EBSCO Discovery that may supplement or replace it. I’ve occasionally found myself explaining the two solutions to  non-library techy or developer colleagues. … Continue reading