Emerging LIS professional communication models …

I’ve recently submitted an article to a professional journal, my first ever. I’m quietly thrilled about it and hope it gets published. Writing and submitting was a useful experience both in understanding the information needs of academic users and in focusing my ideas. Based on a piece of research I wrote over a year ago, … Continue reading

Open Biblio 2

Happy 2012! After swearing off any JISC funded projects into Open Data publishing, I’ve somehow found myself involved in four this year. Safe to say my new years resolutions include learning how to say no in a better fashion. The first to kick off in earnest is Open Bibliography 2 headed by the Open Bibliographic … Continue reading

A million squid you say?

Note: I really tried to make this a fair and balanced piece regarding the true cost of scholarly communication. Instead it verges off into the rant. I’m not anti-publisher or anti-profit, we all have to eat and grow and I like living in a capitalist society. I just don’t like feeling like a mug every-time … Continue reading

Cataloguing to metadata event and slides

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending a fantastic ‘Cataloguing to metadata’ event at Oxford. It was hosted by the Bodleian Libraries and organised by their cataloguing team and staff development folk. I started out as a trainee at Oxford, (also thanks again to staff development there for that!) so felt personally happy to be back and catch … Continue reading

Common sense at at last?

Good news everybody! It seems Marc21 is dead (or been told to order its last meal). Last week, the Library of Congress (LOC) working group on the future of bibliographic control has announced that:   the Library community’s data carrier, MARC, is “based on forty-year-old techniques for data management and is out of step with … Continue reading