Posted in October 2011

The Innovation Gap?

MY favourite highbrow sci-fi writer / academic has posted one of his wonderful essays, this time on the relationship between science fiction and innovation. Please read it (at least once), but if you are going to force me to try and sum it up in three sentences, well … A) We lack popular culture images … Continue reading

Future-proofing ones’ own behind …

ITV3 have been re-showing all three Back to the Future films, and whilst watching Michael J. Fox encounter past and future selves, I’ve been thinking about mine. I’ll come clean and admit that I got involved in the I.T. side of libraries partly out of a sense of self-preservation. Even ten years ago, I could … Continue reading

Why should we even bother?

Often a thought that crosses my mind on a Friday evening when a Saturday shift looms large. In this instance however, I’m talking about reasons for sharing library metadata openly. With services and budgets being slashed in all sectors and publishers continuing to hike fees well beyond inflation, it does seem like a needless extra … Continue reading

Fear the reaper?

Sounds like someone is trying to ring the funeral bell for the semantic web: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to mark the end of an era. I’m talking about the passing of Web 3.0 – ostensibly the era of the next great revolution in the information industry. In its short life the semantic … Continue reading

Fogging up in the cloud …

Just spent two days this week at the Ex Libris UK user group conference, hosted possibly for the last time at the plush BL convention centre (one minor observation, the coffee there is a bit weak.) The company is making an admirable transition to the cloud environment, and seems intent on taking as many customers … Continue reading

LibraryCamp UK 2011 …

Along with about 100 other Twitter obsessed Librarians, I went to Library Camp UK 2011, a great ‘unconference‘ event hosted in Birmingham Helen and Katie, two of the many folk with whom I was lucky enough to travel with (also fellow Cambrarians) have blogged excellent write-ups, so I really feel I do not have to 😉 Despite … Continue reading

What a mess …

TechDirt brings word that an academic has joined the group of authors engaged in suing the Hathi Trust for its efforts to digitize and preserve so called ‘orphan works’, those in copyright but without a publisher who cares. The blog quotes an excellent response to the academic from Trust communications Officer Kevin Smith: I am … Continue reading

Obligatory initial post …

This is my latest attempt at a personal web presence. Others have been and gone. I’ll run on silent for a while before making more noise about it … Also running  a parallel attempt on Tumblr until I goet bored of one / either. I really need a trendy witty intellectual name for the blog.  … Continue reading