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National Level Resource Discovery services?

I’ve spent a large portion of the past couple of years working with a local discovery layer (Aquabrowser) and am currently investigating equivalent ‘webscale’ discovery index solutions such as Summon, Primo Central or EBSCO Discovery that may supplement or replace it. I’ve occasionally found myself explaining the two solutions to  non-library techy or developer colleagues. … Continue reading

A million squid you say?

Note: I really tried to make this a fair and balanced piece regarding the true cost of scholarly communication. Instead it verges off into the rant. I’m not anti-publisher or anti-profit, we all have to eat and grow and I like living in a capitalist society. I just don’t like feeling like a mug every-time … Continue reading

Future-proofing ones’ own behind …

ITV3 have been re-showing all three Back to the Future films, and whilst watching Michael J. Fox encounter past and future selves, I’ve been thinking about mine. I’ll come clean and admit that I got involved in the I.T. side of libraries partly out of a sense of self-preservation. Even ten years ago, I could … Continue reading