LibraryCamp UK 2011 …

Along with about 100 other Twitter obsessed Librarians, I went to Library Camp UK 2011, a great ‘unconference‘ event hosted in Birmingham

Helen and Katie, two of the many folk with whom I was lucky enough to travel with (also fellow Cambrarians) have blogged excellent write-ups, so I really feel I do not have to 😉

Despite a long day, I loved it. It felt like one of the wonderful Mashed Library events, but you did not have to be a techy or shambrarian to get the best of it, and no-one was extolling the virtues of at RDF at you.

My personal highlight was being able to  skip the  academic-y open data stuff and attend sessions on the value of mobile libraries, librarians as champions of literacy and gamification of library services.  Not possible at UKSG, as someone pointed out to me.

It was great to meet people, time to reflect and network is incredibly valuable and the kind of thing I would have loved earlier on in my career.

I hope to attend again, but also  hope there is a good space between them so the format stays fresh, and maybe it begins a bit later so I don’t have to get myself up at 4:30am …


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